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Meet the CEO

Tracy Ford a Miami native Real Estate Investor, graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a degree in Economics in 1991. She went on to work for UPS in their accounting department for 2 years before answering the call of her entrepreneurial spirit. 


As a self taught project manager Tracy Ford joined the construction arena and began bidding on the tile installation portion of construction projects across the state of Georgia.  Via the construction plan rooms she had access to the architectural drawings of major Hotels and school buildings; reading the plans and specs for the materials required and builder special instructions.


For the past 19 years Tracy’s endeavors have lead her into the real estate industry. She began in the banking and finance section as a loan officer facilitating residential loans and moved into investing in real estate herself; all while homeschooling her 3 children until the oldest was 12. 


In April of 2018Tracy created another stream of income in the trucking industry and she sits on the board of the cityhood movement Imagine Greenhaven, working to incorporate the rest of the unincorporated portion of Dekalb County.


 About Us

Est. 2016 in Atlanta, GA

Purple Legacy Enterprises, Inc. is here to make a notable contribution as a change agent within an established, viable, and the evolving system already in motion. To help educate, empower, and prepare clients to become savvy legacy builders.


We strive to locate smart investments via multiple streams of income. Connecting our clients with personal introductions to top lenders, tax experts, life insurance options, and credit repair specialists. Our team of professionals brings experience, knowledge, and integrity to each individual.


If you are ready to take control of your financial future by leaving a legacy of doing something today that they will talk about hereafter, we’re here to make your dreams a profitable reality. We believe in wealth building!


Tracy Ford

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