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Meet the CEO

Tracy Ford a Miami native Real Estate Investor, graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a degree in Economics in 1991. She went on to work for UPS in their accounting department for 2 years before answering the call of her entrepreneurial spirit.

What Can We Do For You?

Real Estate Investment

Why invest in Real Estate?  Do you have enough for retirement? Insurance and Financial Planners use the “25 Times Rule” to determine how much a portfolio should be worth for someone to safely retire. The simple answer is YES, you should invest in real estate. 



We offer consultation and guidance on how to build business/corporate credit. We provide you with the means to separate your personal credit from your business. Through our unique process, shorten the normal 2-5 years to establish business and obtain credit down to only (90 days to 12 months).



The first step in a strong financial picture is good personal credit. It allows you access to banks and programs with rates and terms that non-traditional lenders just can’t compete with.  We consult, educate and work with our clients for a year.



You can have peace of mind today knowing those who depend on you will be secure tomorrow with life insurance. See how easy it is to protect the people you love.

Empower Yourself

Let's Start Working Together

Why Invest in Real Estate?

“I'm a testimony. Insurance companies have real estate in their portfolio, so should you!  

When to Establish Business Credit?

Plain and simple, you want to build business credit before your company needs it! 

Whole, Term, or Universal Life Insurance?

Plan for today for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Where do you start? 

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