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Your FICO Score & Credit History

Repair your Credit

One thing we can be certain of once funding is fully restored is that your Fico and credit history will be much more important as it will directly impact your leverage, rate and fees. Currently the minimum Fico for our NO DOC fix and flip loan is 650 which is up from about 600 prior to the Covaid19 shutdown. Plus the difference between a 650 Fico and 680+ Fico is 3 months of interest reserve required at closing.Prior to the coronavirus 43 million people had a Fico score of 599 or below; undoubtedly this is going to go up post crisis.

While things are not as active as they will be once we open back up, now is the time to work on your Fico and position yourself for the best terms on future deals.

I’m pleased to announce that we have partnered with UCES (United Credit Education Services) to assist you in improving your Fico and credit history. We will be able to offer 13 comprehensive services, all of which help increase Fico scores

In addition, there are many other services included in the program; please visit my website for more details:

We offer a 50 minute webinar every Thursday evening to review the program and all the benefits. Contact me if you would like an invitation to the webinar or if you wish to discuss this program further. I assure you it will be 50 minutes well spent. Thank you!

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